Hi!  Welcome to a cup of mascarpone! - a culinary blog featuring sweet and savory creations, inspired by lovely ingredients.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I'm Carol, the newbie blogger, food stylist and photographer, and a self-taught, nicely-seasoned foodie!

A few tidbits about me:
I live in a small town in Northern Virginia, about 30 miles southwest of Washington, DC  -  born and raised in beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY  -  Mom to two awesome grown children, Ryan and Kelly  -  Nonna to my sweethearts Abigail, Audrey, Hudson and baby Charlotte  -  obsessed with Washington Nationals baseball and Virginia Tech Hokies football and basketball  -  lifetime member of Weight Watchers  -  love walking (and constantly trying to get better at running) daily before sunrise - ride my bicycle for hours on Saturdays.

My fascination with baking and cooking began as a young girl.  I adored watching my Italian Grandmother in the kitchen. My Great-Aunt would join her, and they would bake and cook Italian cuisine for hours on end for holidays, weddings, and family gatherings - which were many!  My Grandmother had a totally equipped extra kitchen in her basement, where all the fabulous food was created.  I would kneel on a chair pulled close to the work table, eyes glued to their hands moving faster than I could follow - and never a recipe in sight! They were amazing, and I was forever hooked.

Over the years I've developed my own culinary style; however, cherishing the memories and traditions from childhood, I've continued to carry on the beautiful celebration of food, when family and friends are together.

Sundays are my favorite day in the kitchen.  With baseball, football or music blaring in the background, I pour a glass of wine, tie a pretty apron on over my favorite weekend attire of old, comfy jeans and a worn, white oxford shirt.  I roll up my sleeves, prepare my lovely ingredients, and create!  This is such a relaxed, gratifying experience, winding down after a busy week.

a cup of mascarpone is an extension of my love in the kitchen.  I'd be honored for you to join me along the way!

Mangia!  xox

Michael Morse from Washington Nationals and me!!
Can you tell how excited I was?!!!